Val de Marne

Val de Marne


Val de Marne 

In order to bring citizens closer to political decision-making and to develop a relationship of listening and cooperation with the actors of the territory,the Val de Marne department wanted to set up a platform for citizen participation.

Client: Val de Marne

Platform launch: April 2019

Platform URL:

Type of project: Citizen consultation

The Project

To improve the quality of the departmental public service, the Val de Marne department wanted to call on the experience and intelligence of those who wish to participate in the development of the public service. Several consultations take place on the platform through which participants propose, support or comment on proposals. 

 Keys to success

  • Continuity with the department's participatory project, with access to the participation charter and the main principles of participation in the Val de Marne department.
  • A follow-up of the steps for each consultation
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