Nancy Citizens' Assembly

Nancy Citizens' Assembly

 The Nancy Citizens' Assembly

The "Nancy Citizens' Assembly" project is based on the"Ma pépinière d'idées" initiative, which aims to expand participatory democracy in Nancy .

Launched in September 2020, the Nancy Citizens' Assembly, made up of Nancy citizens chosen at random (from the electoral lists and from a group of volunteers), had the objective of drafting a municipal constitution to provide a framework for all of the participatory tools, methods and bodies of the city of Nancy: neighbourhood life workshops, participatory budget, neighbourhood bodies and various participatory mechanisms. 

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Nan Citizens' Assembly


of Open Source Politics

The Assembly worked exclusively in remote mode (videoconferencing), from training webinars to special sessions to finalise the text, including hearings with citizens, elected representatives and academics. Before, during and after these 12 video-conference sessions (!), the Assembly members were accompanied by students (publicists and communicators) at all stages of the process, with theOpen Source Politics team coordinating, organising and preparing the sessions.

The keys to success:

  • Full use ofcollaborative and complementarytools, on and off the platform
  • Expertise inremote consultation engineering
  • A platform that allows asynchronous collaboration on complex text

How we have

deployed Decidim

The Nancy Citizen Assembly chose Decidim to set up its participative platform. They used a space on the platform to archive the work at each stage.

Thanks to the platform, the Assembly was able to work in a collaborative manner thanks to the collaborative text module. The first version of the text was thus able to be commented on, article by article, paragraph by paragraph, to prepare the examination of the final text and its adoption.

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Mouvement Génération

Mouvement Génération



Mouvement Génération

During the 2019 European elections, the Mouvement Génération co-constructed its list and political programme on Decidim.

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Customer: Mouvement Génération

Start date : April 2019

Platform URL:

Type of project: Citizen consultation, co-construction of a policy programme

The Project

In April 2019, Mouvement Génération invited its members to express their views, both on the proposed European list and on the commitments that they felt were priorities for Europe.

Keys to success

  • Spaces reserved for party members.
  • The possibility to register directly online.
  • The results of the consultation had an immediate effect on the European list and the party's programme.

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More than fifty organizations trust us

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