City of Saint-Jean de Braye

Open Source Politics accompanied the city of Saint-Jean de Braye with the Decidim citizen consultation platform for the implementation of its participatory budget in January 2019.

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Client: City of Saint John de Baye

Start date: December 2018

Platform URL:

Type of project: Participatory budget

The Project

In December 2018, the city of Saint-Jean de Braye launched the first edition of its participatory budget on the Decidim citizen consultation platform. 

This participatory experience was a success, with 108 proposals, 47 projects validated and submitted to the citizens' vote, and 13 winning projects.

A second edition of the participatory budget is planned for October 2019.

Keys to success

  • A kick-off party with the possibility to participate in the participatory budget in person.
  • Face-to-face workshops to accompany users who are excluded from the digital world in using the platform.

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