Nanterre, the transformation of a participatory budget through digital technology with Decidim 

.Nanterre Nanterre, a pioneering city in terms of citizen participation, began experimenting with digital participation as early as 2015. It switched to Decidim to gain efficiency and inclusion for its participatory budget. The number of participants was multiplied by 3.5 thanks to the digital platform.

The support of Open Source Politics

The city of Nanterre has positioned itself as a pioneer in digital citizen participation. From the very first days of our collaboration a very strong political choice for open source was made. As part of an open innovation approach, we were thus led to organize a hackathon to prototype a digital agora as early as 2015. We renewed our mutual commitment when we replaced their platform by Decidim on the occasion of the participatory budget. Always interested and concerned by the new features of Decidim, the city of Nanterre is today an active member of the Decidim user club that we animate. It has distinguished itself by its use of the module follow-up whose achievements were updated very frequently and offered the public the opportunity to see the progress of the winning projects. This dynamic of iteration and open innovation has enabled us to test innovative consultation mechanisms with various city departments. " Fibre for all " particularly marked us by its impact, citizens without access to fibre were invited to map themselves, low-density areas having appeared a few steps away from La Défense, the telephone operators had to make public and advance their connection roadmap.  

How we deployed Decidim

After Having organized a participatory budget without the help of digital tools, the city of Nanterre wanted to give a modern twist to the participatory process by installing a Decidim platform.
  • The Decidim platform allows the city of Nanterre, thanks to the functionality concertations to animate a permanent digital agora where citizens can participate in several participative dynamics. Inhabitants were thus consulted on the city's development (installation of fibre, development of parks, etc.). 
  • Thanks to the follow-up, the platform reserves a space for monitoring the progress of the winning projects for the 2018 edition, which allows for real transparency between the city and its inhabitants on the implementation of the projects.
  • The participation platform also proved useful during the Covid-19 health crisis. Solidarity was organised on the Nanterrien territory. Thanks to the proposal The platform then received proposals and requests for help from the inhabitants, who could then exchange.
  • Recently, the survey allowed the associations to answer a questionnaire to give their priorities in terms of training.

Launch of the voting phase of the participatory budget of the city of Nanterre

Vera de Sousa Nanterre Véra de Sousa - Innovation and citizenship officer at Nanterre City Hall "The transition of the participatory budget of the city of Nanterre to digital was like a mini-revolution! It gives it better visibility and allows us to act transparently. The platform was fairly easy to get to grips with. In half a day of coaching with a member of OSP, our team had already understood the essential functions and how to administer the platform.   

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