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The city of Angers has become a reference for the implementation of itsparticipatory budgets on Decidim. With 3 consecutive years of operation, the city has managed to gather more than 10% of its population around this ambitious participatory process.

In 2018, the city of Angers won the Cap'Com Grand Prix for the success of its participatory budget.

The support of Open Source Politics

Angers is one of the first institutions supported by OSP. It has distinguished itself by the great success of its participatory budget.

OSP contributed to the launching of the project by its tailor-made technical support, but also through advice in terms of community animation.

Today, OSP regularly assists Angers in the framing of consultation processes and the search for the best possible platform configuration so that it serves the context of the approach for which it is mobilized. Thanks to a work around the statistics of the participation, OSP allowed the city of Angers, and more particularly the team in charge of the participation, to better define the implications of its mobilization work on the traffic collected by the platform .Over time, OSP and Angers have established a real relationship of trust.

Beyond this support, OSP also contributed to the success of the participatory budget, through the elaboration of a communication strategy as close as possible to the Angevins and Angevines, encouraging them to participate online.

How we deployed Decidim

  • Show all the stages of the participatory budget from beginning to end to establish transparency between the inhabitants and the City. This is how the city and its inhabitants keep to the calendar and the stages.
  • Organize a participatory budget easily and gather in one place all the proposals, ideas and votes of citizens.
  • Provide detailed follow-up on the consultation to the
  • To make visible to all the progress of the inhabitants' projects over time.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, citizens could be consulted in parallel with the participatory budget on other subjects such as parking problems in their city, in order to provide solutions collectively. In 2 years, the inhabitants were able to familiarise themselves with the platform through a dozen consultations.
  • In 2020, in the midst of the health crisis, Angers used its Decidim platform to set up a digital space for mutual aid. The platform made it possible to better organize the solidarity between Angevins and Angevines for this occasion.

The first participatory budget of the city of Angers

Carine Mandin

Carine Mandin - Responsible for citizen participation at the City of Angers

"With Open Source Politics, we are working in the same direction: to increase the power of participatory democracy.
Learning how to use Decidim has allowed us to conceptualize participatory approaches that resemble us. By becoming impregnated with the tool, we give strength to citizen participation. »

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