Parliament launches a participatory platform on the opening of the

public data 

The Prime Minister has entrusted the mission Public Policy on Data to MP Éric Bothorel and the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. They chose to set up the project's participatory platform on theDecidim tool

The objective? To take stock of the blockages of data policy in France and collect as many collect as many contributions as possible in order to propose concrete solutions to be put in place in the coming months.

The mission delivered its report in December 2020, making an assessment of the current state of open public data.

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of Open Source Politics

The project was entrusted by the Prime Minister to MP Eric Bothorel and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. He was accompanied byccompanied by Stéphanie Combes, Director General of the Health Data Hub, and Renaud Vedel, National Coordinator for AI Strategy. Several government departments are contributing to the mission

The project has a double interest. Firstly, it shows that it ispossible to go beyond the classicpolitical-institutional formats by opening up a mission to broader participation, by targeting the relevant associative, economic and citizen actors. This platform shows thatthe proposals module can be used in several different ways in a single consultation.

The consultation project was carried out in 3 stages: 

1. Collection of different findings on the current public data policy

2. Collection of contributions to use cases.

3. Summary of the consultation.























How we have

deployed Decidim

This platform has enabled citizens, associations and the socio-economic players concerned toenrich the work of the "Public Data Policy" mission.

Three parallel participatory approaches have structured a consultation process that combines the work of the mission with contributions from citizens, associations and private stakeholders:

- the collection of reactions to the findings of the progress report

- – the free contributions

- the collection of feedback on identified use cases identified use cases of the data

The keys to success: 

  • A proposal module can be used in several ways  
  • Relevant targeting of interested audiences, even on a complex subject 


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