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With more than 40 consultations to its credit, MEL's participation platform has brought together thousands of citizens around its public policy co-construction projects. ???? In 2018, MEL received the consultation and participation trophy from the Gazette des communes for its #JEM Jeunes en métropole project.

The support of Open Source Politics

The first step for our team was to preparing the launch of the participatory platform. We have therefore organized several workshops to understand their participation issues and practices (charter, metropolitan context, etc.) and training to ensure a good appropriation of the platform by the MEL teams. It is on this basis that we were able to begin the work of customization of Decidim in connection with their teams :

  • Communication: to adapt Decidim to their identity;
  • ISD: for technical issues (security, RGPD, etc.)
  • Participation: to produce all the content needed to present the platform (home page, help pages etc.)

Successfully launched at the Rencontres Nationales de la participation in Lille in 2018. Our teams ensured a close follow-up to accompany the first steps in order to offer Romain De Nève, the participation officer, all the assistance required to ensure that he was able to take full control of all the possibilities of the platform. This is how we have developed a special relationship with the MEL, which today occupies an important place in our user club, where their use of the platform has been presented on several occasions. We consider them today as true partners with whom we go so far as to associate ourselves in bids for innovative projects from the European Union.

How we deployed Decidim

  • To create a single and centralizing portal for participation (public surveys, consultations, participatory mapping, etc.) thanks to the possibility of carrying out several approaches in parallel thanks to the "..." functionality. Concertations"« ;
  • To create tailor-made consultations thanks to the possibility touse several functionalities within the same approach;
  • Anchoring of participation in the territory thanks to the functionality of proposal tracking and dating;
  • Bridging digital and face-to-face participation with the meetings functionality that allows to announce events, hold a ticket office and return the exchanges;
  • Maintain an engaged community of participants by using Decidim's newsletter features.
  • Innovate using the draw module to enrich to randomly select a handful of projects to be enriched during a collective intelligence workshop.

The European metropolis of Lille: building a public policy of participation

Romain De Nève - In charge of MEL participation

" The OSP team has shown great availability for our projects. It is a very dynamic team, both in terms of responsiveness and alertness. On subjects that we think are embryonic, finally with Open Source Politics it goes very fast! We quickly go from a simple idea to a concrete solution". 

Anne-Céline Rossiny - MEL Participation Officer 

Anne Céline Rossiny -Citizen Participation Officer at MEL

" Wonderful! Reactivity at its best!« 

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