In September 2010, Open Sources Politics accompanied the association EMMAÜS Solidarité in the implementation of an internalconsultation to determine the strategic orientations of the association. 

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Customer: EMMAÜS Solidarité

Launch date: September 2019

Platform URL:

Type of project: Internal consultation

The Project

In addition to the initial physical participation mechanisms, a digital platform was deployed to enable the widest possible contribution from the Emmaus Solidarité community.

The platform served as a support for exchanging, giving opinions, asking questions, and documenting practices. A place where volunteers, employees, members, patrons, donors, founders, etc., were able to propose their vision of the association, problem-solving and ideas for action.

Keys to success

  • Assitance for people excluded from the digital world
  • A report of the physical meetings on the digital platform.  


Last updated on May 15, 2019


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