Paris Ensemble

OSP created the participatory platform of the list supported by Benjamin Griveaux (LREM) in Paris. This Decidim platform offers several ways to participate in developing a programme for the City of Paris

Client: LREM Candidate Benjamin Grivaux

Launch date: September 10, 2019

Platform URL: https: //

Type of project : Program co-construction

The Project

As part of his candidacy for the Parisian municipal elections of 2020, Benjamin Griveaux submits his ideas for the City to a vote by and invites them to participate in the development of his program by contributing on the dedicated Decidim platform.

Keys to success

  • Every week new proposals are submitted to a vote.
  • have the opportunity to propose new ideas for Paris across 6 main themes.
  • The particularity of this platform lies in its division of the city of Paris into 240 districts, allowing citizens to express themselves on local issues.
  • The locations and dates of citizen participatory workshops are also visible on the platform.

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