The Citizens' Convention for Climate: a deliberative democracy experiment on a large scale

Citizens' Convention for Climate

150 randomly selected citizens, representative of the French population, gathered around an ambitious objective: define a series of measures to achieve at least a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in the spirit of social justice.

A Decidim platform has been set up to allow members of civil society to express themselves by proposing ideas for measures. 

+ more than 3600 contributions have been submitted!

???? Raphaël: citizen online contributor
???? Greenfish: a company specialising in sustainable development that has submitted a verified contribution online

???? Agny: Citizen drawn from the Citizens' Convention for Climate

We will soon publish new videos of interviews with CCC actors. #StayTuned

The support of Open Source Politics

From the first session the need for a digital component for the Citizens' Convention emerged. With open source having been an imperative, Open Source Politicswas commissioned by the organizers of the CCC (Citizens' Convention for Climate) to rapidly set up a digital contribution platform based on Decidim.

We worked closely with the organizers to find the right means of online participation to preserve the work of the 150 randomly selected participants.

Once these points were agreed upon, we accompanied the convention throughout their endeavour by receiving the contributions of the organizations and producing the intermediate summaries that were collected before each face-to-face session.

The organisation of our teams allowed us to produce summaries quickly, to leave a maximum amount of time for citizens and external organisations to participate between sessions. In a few days, with our analysts and thanks to the Iramuteq software, quality summaries were delivered to the citizens of the Citizens' Convention for Climate.

How we deployed Decidim

With the platform citizens and organisations who were not included in the selection were able to submit their contributions online and provide ideas for measures by categorising them under the various themes addressed: travel, food, housing, work and production, consumption, and a space for cross-cutting contributions.

Several consultation spaces have been created to accommodate each theme. In each of these spaces there were two areas of participation, one for citizen contributionsand another for organizations whose source was verified by the moderators prior to publication.

The Decidim platform was set up to inspire the 150 participants and not to influence them, the configuration of Decidim was adapted in this sense: votes and support were disabled and users could post a maximum of 3 contributions per topic.

Thus, throughout the duration of the Citizens' Convention for Climatemore than 3600 contributions of citizens and organizations were submitted online.

3 intermediate summaries were produced and put online on the platform so that the 150 participants could more easily read the contributions between each face-to-face session.

A new synthesis for the Citizens' Convention for Climate

A participatory platform for the Citizens' Climate Convention

The digital participation process that informed CCC

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