The Participatory Budgeting Project

organizes 3 participatory budgets

for PXU

The Participatory Budgeting Project organizes 3 participatory budgets in parallel to Phoenix Union High School District (PXU), a school district exclusively for high schools in Phoenix, Arizona.

This project is part of the "Defund the Police" movement that is currently taking off in several American cities. Indeed, the $2M allocated to participatory budgets comes directly from school police funds.

In this context, students, parents and teachers will be able to collectively allocate this budget for projects that will make the schools in this area safer; currently victims of police violence.

Thanks to the Decidim tool, each public (students, parents and faculty) will have a space dedicated to their participatory budget.

This project is a collaboration between Open Source Politics 🇫🇷 and Pipeline to Power 🇺🇸

ANCT Incubator


of Open Source Politics

We have been accompanying the PXU for 4 months in the implementation of their participatory budgets. This third use case in the United States (after New York and Chicago) highlights the "Defund the Police" movement a movement in the United States that fights against police violence by redistributing the budget of law enforcement agencies towards projects of general interest. to projects of general interest.

In collaboration with Pipeline to Powerwe support the PBP and PXU teams in learning how to use Decidim, in thinking about the mobilization mechanisms in the configuration of the whole project through the participation function provided by the Decidim tool. the Decidim tool. 

Currently, each committee (parent, student and faculty representatives) is holding an initial discussion about school safety needs. This phase of needs assessment will be followed by a phase of followed by a phase of ideation and further development of these ideas, and finally by voting.

This partnership work will lead to a launch of the the idea collection phase in the coming weeks. We are delighted to welcome the PXU to the Decidim community.

We have acquired an efficient structure and method based on the experience we have gained through the organisation ofa dozen participatory budgets with the help of Decidim tools. This project with the PXU and the PBP allowed us to renew mobilization practices and to adapt Decidim to a new context.

    How we have

    deployed Decidim

    We adapt the Decidim tool to these challenges:

    • The steps ensure that the process is transparent between the audiences (students, parents and faculty) and PXU ;
    • The documentation areas provide equal access to information ;
    • The graphic charter will be adapted for each audience and will be displayed on the platform;
    • An additional discussion area is created for each committee of representatives;

    This project is also an opportunity for us to use the integration with the tool we have developed. allows to collect and analyze contributions in real time thanks to advanced statistics and machine learning.

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