The National Assembly launches its ambitious online petitions platform


The petition site of the French National Assembly will allow French citizens to submit fully dematerialised petitions for the first time.

Thanks to France Connect's anonymous mode it will be possible to sign petitions anonymously. A guarantee of security for personal data.

If a petition exceeds 100,000 signatures it will be assessed by a committee. If it exceeds 500,000 it may be debated in public session.

The support of Open Source Politics

After assisting the Senate in setting up its dematerialized petitions service, theNational Assembly called upon our services to set up a similar service adapted to its functioning.

Equipped with very precise specifications and inspired by various French and international examples, our teams attacked the developments of this ambitious project at a time when France was confined because of COVID. After 6 months of development in close collaboration with the IT teams and the session of the National Assembly.

The constraints were multiple:

  • Commission-based operation;
  • Performance constraints due to the high traffic expected;
  • The necessary graphic adaptations.

It is in a logic of cooperation that we have succeeded in taking up this challenge. From a technical point of view, the exchanges with the National Assembly teams, with the Decidim community and with the designers(Andrew White, CTO at Unboxed) of the petition site of the British Parliament, which also runs on Ruby on Rails, were extremely rich and allowed us to make the Decidim software more robust.

How we deployed Decidim

The petitions platform of the National Assembly uses Decidim's "Initiatives" module, which allows for the implementation of a right of interpellation.

The platform has two authentication buttons France Connect :

  • One to sign anonymously, no personal data is collected at France Connect;
  • The other to file a petition that retrieves basic information to identify the author and verifies that the user is of legal age;

We have developed a system for sorting and allocating committees to reflect the particularities of the regulations governing petitions to the National Assembly.

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