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Participatory budgeting, consultation forums, calls for ideas, referendums... the digital platform offers all the usual participation solutions, but it has the particularity of being part of an approach of "digital communities", designed under a free licence, i.e. their code is open. A guarantee of transparency for its creators, and also a means of pooling the tool, which can be copied free of charge and improved by other players, as part of a "social contract".

Claire Legros

Journalist, The World

"Decidim is now asserting itself as a true digital commons. Proof of this is that a growing number of public players are using Decidim internationally (in France, Finland, Belgium, Mexico, etc.) and adapting it to their uses, also attracted by the great modularity of the digital platform and the range of participatory functionalities offered. »

Digital Society Mission

"Thinking Digital Together" report, Digital Society Lab

"The Decidim platform ("We decide" in Catalan) is one of the most emblematic projects in the ecosystem of civic technologies. Born in Barcelona and initially financed by the municipality, it is built since its origins on the model of a common. The source code of Decidim is made available under the following license GNU GPL, which allows the reuse and evolution of the program as long as you share the identical modifications. But Decidim goes further by adding to the licence clauses, the adhesion to a social contract, setting out the additional "democratic safeguards" that must be respected when using the platform. »


Civic Tech, Data and Demos report.

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